Authorship Responsibilities

  1. The Slavic Studies journal publishes original scientific articles and treatises, contributions and materials, reviews, scientific critique, chronicles and bibliographies on the topic of Slavic languages, literatures and cultures.
  2. Widely published articles and articles that have been submitted for publication in other journals cannot be accepted for publication in Slavic Studies.
  3. Authors submitting articles to the Journal must guarantee that the article is an original scientific study which cannot be considered a plagiarism or auto-plagiarism in any of its parts and which has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.
  4. By sending their submissions to Slavic Studies Authors guarantee that after publication the study will not be published in any other publication, regardless of the language, without prior consent by the Editorial Board.
  5. Any article which has been submitted to other institutions will be automatically rejected and its publication will not be considered further.
  6. In the event that an article has been presented at a scientific conference or that it forms part of a scientific research project, this information must be clearly stated in the article itself. This information is given in a footnote on the first page of the article.
  7. Contributions submitted for consideration must have a clearly defined topic and the methods applied must be described in detail.
  8. Claims made in the Journal must be theoretically confirmed and empirically proven.
  9. Authors submitting articles for consideration are obligated to adhere to the standards of scientific ethics.
  10. The publishers disclaim responsibility in the event that damages are requested.