Manuscript Review Process

  1. All submissions to the Slavic Studies journal are reviewed by a minimum of two competent experts in the field, one of whom is non-affiliated.
  2. Manuscripts which do not fit the profile and scientific criteria of the Journal will not be reviewed and the submission is rejected.
  3. The peer review process is anonymous, both for the author and the reviewer.
  4. The deadline for reviews is 60 days from the day the submission is received.
  5. The reviewer receives a review form from the Slavic Studies journal. In this form the reviewer must provide an objective evaluation of the manuscript, presenting its good and bad points. The reviewer provides comments and suggestions and gives a recommendation whether the manuscript should be published in its original form or whether corrections and additions need to be made in order for the manuscript to be published in the Journal.
  6. The results of the review are sent to the Authors, who are then given further instructions if changes and additions are required.
  7. If the Author disagrees with the reviewers’ opinions, the final decision regarding the publication of the manuscript is left to the Editorial Board.