Slavic Studies is a bi-annual scholarly periodical in the field of Slavic languages, literatures and cultures. It publishes original research papers in the field of Slavic philology, theory of linguistics and literature, history of Slavic studies and related scientific areas, as well as book reviews, chronicles and bibliographies. The main idea of our editorial policy is to bring together researchers from both Slavic and non-Slavic countries, so that various academic ideas and concepts could be exchanged within a broader understanding of Slavic studies. The development of various philological disciplines in contemporary Slavic philology at the turn of the century, as well as the emergence of new trends in Slavic linguistic and literary studies can be followed on the pages of the journal. An important mission of the journal is to observe Slavic languages and literatures from a wider typological and comparative-historical perspective. The journal regularly publishes scholarly papers in all Slavic languages, including Slavic microlanguages in order to protect linguistic diversity in line with the modern tendencies of preserving linguistic diversity of modern Europe. All papers contain abstracts in English, which makes them available to research by non-Slavists as well. Papers written in English contribute to the widening of the Slavic Studies’ targeted readership. All contributions submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed by at least two competent experts, one of whom is an external reviewer. The journal implements the double-blind review process. The Editorial Board of Slavic Studies consists of distinguished experts in Slavic philology from 13 Slavic and non-Slavic countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Japan, Poland, USA, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic). The journal has been published regularly since 1997. The publishers are the Serbian Association for Slavic Studies and the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. The journal is indexed in: 1) ERIH PLUS (  2) Slavic Humanities Index ( 3) Reference list of journals in Slavic studies at the International Committee of Slavists ( 4) Reference list of journalѕ of the Ministry of Science, Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia (

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In order to describe the diversified Slavic language landscape as exhaustively as possible, the journal publishes scholarly papers on all Slavic languages within different diachronic and synchronic linguistic disciplines. The journal is recognizable by both the description of structure of different Slavic languages and of different aspects of their functioning in contemporary circumstances.


In addition to studying Slavic literatures in particular, a special mission of the journal is to examine them using modern concepts in a broader comparative-historical context by both mutual comparison and study of interconnectedness of Slavic literatures and finding their ties to literatures in other languages.


In line with contemporary tendencies in the humanities, apart from papers of a philological orientation, the journal publishes interdisciplinary studies aimed to examine the social and cultural history of the Slavic people, studies dedicated to various questions of Slavic drama and cinematography, Slavic spirituality and mythology.

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